St Mary’s Churchyard

A long-term cooperative strategy between Maldon Town Council and the St. Mary’s Parochial Church Council has been drawn up to protect and improve this historic, overgrown churchyard which overlooks the River Blackwater and adjacent to the Promenade Park. The final goal of this 15 year project is to transform the churchyard into a tranquil garden of remembrance and community amenity area.

Currently the initial landscaping work is taking place in the churchyard. After receiving the advice of the District Council Tree Officer trees, shrubs and other vegetation has been removed or reduced to open up the area and making it more user-friendly. Many different species of holly have been discovered and it is hoped that once trimmed they will thrive and provide a unique collection to be enjoyed by all.
The heavy work is being undertaken by contractors but volunteers from the Church have formed a working party and have been busy reducing the vegetation and uncovering lost tombs from the undergrowth.