Sports, armed forces and cabbies

The week following the Twinning weekend was a busy one. We were invited by Carl Wakefield, the Principal of Plume Academy, to attend their Sports Awards. Former teacher Dave Ford was a very entertaining guest of honour and the evening was further enhanced by the attendance of his former colleague Bob Barnes, both legendary figures at the school. However, the stars of the evening were the amazing and high-achieving young athletes who excel at their chosen sports, many of them at both regional and national levels.

A few days later we attended the Armed Forces Day event on the Promenade with Mark and Vicky. Colin Tebb, who was responsible for organising the event, escorted us around the vast array of fascinating and historically important ex-army vehicles and equipment. We were greeted by highly knowledgeable enthusiasts who had painstakingly restored their vehicles. Hopefully they will all return this time next year.

Next came Cabbie Day – easily one of my favourite days of the year. A fantastic atmosphere in the High Street where pavements were packed with adults and children eagerly waiting for the first cab to come into view. Almost everyone had balloons given out by volunteers from the David Randall Foundation. I stood with Deputy Town Mayor Mark Heard outside the Moot Hall as the whole street erupted into cheering, clapping and waving as the cabs, highly decorated and tooting their horns, drove slowly past, each one holding children and carers. The cabs, almost 100 of them, then drove round the town and up Fambridge Road, the entire route full of balloons tethered to fences, trees and posts early that morning by the David Randall volunteers.